The Visioffice System

No two eyes are the exact same  similar to our hands or feet. Thanks to the Visioffice, we can now take precise measurements of each individual eye, unlike previous techniques that measure both eyes together, to offer the most individualized lenses possible to best correct patients' vision issues. These Eyecode lenses are now available at McHenry Optical!

The Visioffice allows us to capture 3-D images of patients' eyes to provide more accurate, personalized eyeglass lenses for every visual need. The Visioffice measures the exact location of each eye individually, as well as the visual behavior of the patient.

With Visioffice and McHenry Optical, feel confident in knowing that you'll have the ideal eyeglasses for your specific vision needs.

The Visioffice is an all-in-one system to take patients through the entire dispensing process, from frame selection to measurement to sales support.

Patients can see the features and benefits of premium designs, materials and lens treatments through interactive videos available on the Visioffice system.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to eyecode™ lenses - the most individualized lens solutions
  • Personalized patient education modules highlight benefits of products and technology
  • Valuable for indecisive patients to get advice from their family or friends prior to purchase, thanks to the email feature
  • Streaming video allows patients to view themselves at various angles, to help them in their frame selection process
  • An indispensable feature for high Rx patients as it relates to their choice of material and the thickness of their lenses

Visioffice System Frequently Asked Questions Guide:Click Here


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