The Topcon RMA-2000 can determine your prescription automatically. An Autorefractor is a computer-controlled machine used during an eye examination to provide an objective measurement of a person's refractive error and prescription for glasses or contact lenses. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it enters a person's eye.

Retinal Photography

The Marco AFC 330 is the latest technology in retinal photography.  Fundus photographs are also used to document abnormalities of disease process affecting the eye, and/or to follow up on the progress of the eye condition/disease such as diabetes, age-macular degeneration(AMD), glaucoma, Neoplasm of the choroid, cranial nerves, retinal or eyeball, etc.
Cirrus HD- OCT

The latest technology available to help diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test. OCT uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina.

Automated Tonometry

The Reichert 7  tonometer is the Technologies' seventh generation non-contact tonometer.  It is the most user friendly NCT ever.  The totally automated operation results in error-free measurements and high patient throughput. Measurement speed and simplicity without sacrificing accuracy.  The instrument features the quietest operation and softest air puff of any NCT available.

Visual Field Testing

A visual field test is an eye examination that can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical conditions such as glaucoma, stroke, brain tumours or other neurological deficits.

Essilor VisiOffice

McHenry Optical proudly offers patients the new Essilor Visioffice® System. The Visioffice® System is Essilor's all encompassing measuring system that allows our eye care team the ability to obtain every possible parameter required for modern lenses - with extreme accuracy.



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